RC Wingers Multi-Rotor FPV Extravaganza!

With FPV Multi-Rotor becoming the fastest growing segment in this great hobby, RC Wingers is hosting this 3 day FPV event. Friday and Sunday will be open flying so bring what ever you want to fly! Friday and Sunday will be great days to fly your fixed wing FPV planes. Saturday will be Multi-Rotor FPV only due to gates on the runway.
This event is for beginners all the way up to experts! Spectators are welcome!
Please check back here closer to the event for updated information. 
Here is a review of last years event from Tim King. Tim is a co-host of the Crash Cast pod cast, Angle of Attack pod cast and also runs the FPV flight line at the events held at Triple Tree. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this 10 minute review. Click here

Here is the AMA listing information: 10/21/2016 - 10/23/2016 -- Mooresville, NC (C) MULTI-ROTOR FPV EXTRAVAGANZA. Site: Rc Wingers Club Field. Scott Bland CD PH: 704-560-5511 Email: Visit: Sanction #16/1069. Second annual Multi-rotor FPV obstacle & racing course. Open flying Fri and Sun (fly anything). All FPV on Sat, landing fee $15. Lunch available Sat. Camping ok, porti-potty. 50/50 and raffle. Full AMA membership required. Sponsor: RC WINGERS
This event is designed around the FPV 250 racing quad but all FPV multi-rotors are welcome! There will be 20 gates for the obstacle course and a much bigger racing course than last year. Several flags have also been added to both courses.
TX Frequency control: The race band frequencies have become main stream since last years event, so those will be the preferred frequencies using right and left turn antennas. They have been tested to work well together. 200mw or less is preferred. If you don't have race band yet, don't worry we will have some alternate frequencies available. 
These are the preferred frequencies:
Race Band 1          5658                    Left turn antenna preferred.
Race Band 2          5695                    Right turn antenna preferred.
Race Band 3          5732 or 5733       Left turn antenna preferred.
Race Band 4          5769 or 5771       Right turn antenna preferred. 
Race Band 5          5806 or 5805       Left turn antenna preferred.
Race Band 6          5843 or 5845       Right turn antenna preferred.
Race Band 7          5880 or 5880       Left turn antenna preferred.
Race Band 8          5917                     Right turn antenna preferred. 
Current Full AMA membership is REQUIRED to fly!!!  
No AMA? No problem. You can apply and fly at the fly-in. 
Families & Spectators Welcome!
A $10.00 BBQ lunch will be available on Saturday.

When: October 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2016
Time: 10:00am until dark.
Contest Director: Scott Bland 704-560-5511 

Prizes: I'm currently looking for donations for prizes. If anybody knows of somebody who can donate please let me know at 

Prizes donated by: All donations will be recognized here in alphabetical order.
Please check out and support these generous venders!!!
 Also a special thanks to the individuals that have donated!!!
Primitive camping is permitted. There is a Porti-Potty available.
Directions to the field can be found here
This information will be updated as new information is received.